Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sawadeekap. One nasi Pattaya

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Nasi Pattaya is not served at Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya

"Nasi Pattaya, Nasi Pattaya" Thats what we always hear in our local warung (malay food store) I have always wondered if Pattaya is really famous for this rice.

The curiosity came true when I have a meeting in the city of Pattaya itself. Pattaya is located around 200 km from Bangkok. Something like KL to Ipoh. Landed at Suvarnabumi Airport in Bangkok around noon. Took a taxi which cost around RM300 from Bangkok City to Pattaya. Stepping up the Toyota Camry taxi was joy at first but when stuck in Bangkok jam that was really "great". It took the taxi 4 hours to reach Pattaya. Normal traveling hour is around 2 hours. No make thing worse, the taxi driver do not understand English. Its like talking cock and bull. Luckily he managed to understand i need a stop for nature's call.

When the taxi reach Pattaya and was taking the costal road to the world renowned "Ah Lok Hotel" Ahem Hard-Rock Hotel, things was different. I thought I was in some western country. The ratio of westerners and locals are around 50-50.

After some rounds, the taxi stopped in front Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya, which is located beside Hard Rock Cafe. I was being ushered in my a bunch of "school boys" . I called them school boys as they only wear shorts and T-Shirt which is their uniform. Checking in was a breeze as reservation have been made. USD100 per night seems OK. (Im not paying. Hehe)

The reception and lounge area is so unique with Elvis Presley and friend there. They even give you a "Star" room key. The walkway, the room are just awesome. Uniquely Hard-Rock. See for your self the pictures below and you will know what I mean.

The interior of Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya (single person sleeping on 2 Queen size bed)

Nice pool. There is sand by the side too.


Thursday, August 9, 2007

Make Me Suicidal. Suicidal- Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

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"You are way too beautiful girl. Thats why you never work. You will have me suicidal suicidal when you say its over. Damn all these beautiful girl..."

That is the most interesting song I stumble upon at Shennanigen at Hyatt Regency Hotel Kota Kinabalu. Enjoy it and more updates from the Land Below the Wind- Sabah!


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Miri- the oil town of Malaysia

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It might be just a coincedence that the town starts with "M". Miri- the town of peace and prosperity.
I have always the so called "deja-vu" feeling when I visit Sarawak, the land of the hornbills. Things just feel so nice and at home when I was there. Maybe its just the slow moving cars and the way people sitting enjoying life all around. Its just a stressed free town. Things goes by slowly without any need of urgency. People take their time even to cross the street. Is this the so called "life" that most metropolitans dreamt of? Why can some people just enjoy their days by the beach, playing chess and enjoy while the days passed by? Whereas some are spending all their time in the office or at work working 24/7 with all the stress.

The first stepped out of Miri airport, I told myself, Im gonna like this town alot. It was the peak hour of Thursday but it fills like middle of the night in KL, just except the sun shining brightly. The weather is cooling, the air is fresh and the people are friendly.

When the sun goes down its all about sea food. Large prawns and fish with just a fraction of the price. Life is good for a food lover. After a great meal of unique seafood and never been seen fishes its time to enjoy the scroll down the peaceful street.

Although Miri its not any historic city, the night life is just like any historic city. The dimmed lights with night spots playing slow music, the hawker pushing their old worked up carts, make it as though im in Malacca. Except the much slower pace of life.

Life is just good. Need a holiday? Will always recommend Sarawak. Just take a boat ride up Rajang river, the longest river in Malaysia and you will definately agree with me.


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Monsterous Biscuit

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the famous marriage biscuit?

It might be a Hokkien customary but people like me just have no idea what it is. Have a look of the so called "ka lui pen" (in cantonese: Means marriage biscuits only for the bride side)There are things in this world that you seldom have chance to see. Well maybe some people know what it is. There is a kind of biscuit given out by the bride when she wants to get married. Nice big round biscuit made by caramel and has a very aromatic taste. Try it!

The size of the biscuit is almost the size of the fist. It is made with caramel, hollow inside and have either sesame seed toppings or rice toppings. Nice but very sticky


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Phone Sex! Phone Sex of the Year!

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Ever wonder how phone sex is like? Check this clip and you will understand.


sMart Tunnel - Smart?l

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There have been lots of discussions on the Smart Tunnel recently. It has been featured in Discovery Channel too for the world's one of a kind tunnel that acts as a traffic dispersion tunnel and also irrigation tunnel. Half of the tunnel is a drain and the upper half is for traffic. The whole tunnel can be used as a drain in the event of a flood.
After it has been launched, stream of vehicles are lining up to try the Smart Tunnel before the TOLL starts. Its kinda funny seeing people jam up to use the smart tunnel whereas the other road is clear.

Decided to give it a go to and here are something to share.

The long winding tunnel is packed with cars

Nicely lit up and be warned its distance is more than upstairs

The smart tunnel does help a lot in the jammed area of Jalan Tun Razak and City Center. Instead of 4 lanes, there are 2 more down there. One thing to take note. The journey down there is much longer in distance and lots of winding curves. It will not make any sense using it during non-peak hours and you need to Pay!


Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Dad? Happy Fathers Day! :)

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Some ads are really creative. They so make us think for a while and after that we will smile or laughs. These are the special ones that will make us remember. They are the ones that stays longer in our mind. Below is one funny one to all the "accidental" dad. Happy Fathers Day!


Monday, May 28, 2007

Men Playing Soccer Interesting? Wait Till You See This!

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Every wonder why so many people like seeing soccer? Where 22 man chasing a single ball. The game will be much more interesting if the opposite gender plays the game. Do not believe? See the below video and believe.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mika- Life in Cartoon Motion

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This album was been aired again and again on the local radio station. Mica Penniman or better known as Mika managed to make it big through his debut album. The song "Relax, Take it easy" was in the no.1 in UK and France chart. Something that caught the attention here is the name of the title. Life in cartoon motion.

Mika- Life in Cartoon Motion CD cover

Is our life in cartoon motion? Is things around us just superficial? Can we be like the cartoon heroes that will not die even how many times they are killed? Well something for sure that will never be forgotten is your name. Make it a great name may it be a cartoon creator like Walt Disney or great scientist like Albert Einstein. These names never die. Even some names of great musician and singers such as Elvis and the Beatles will always be remembered.

*Mika does sings some nice song. Get a copy of the album and find out for yourselves.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

More FHM Bra Removal Competition!

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Bra removal! Looks like Singapore FHM987 is having another bra removal competition. This is the best of all. The girls actually need to do warm ups before taking off the bra!
The 3rd and last part of FM897 & FHM Bra Challenge. Enjoy the show and learn from the pro.